19 July 2008

Paintball support

This is not intended to start a war with anyone; just my p.o.v.

1. Recruitment
This is difficult; granting that most of us have already exhausted our list of friends to corrupt. If players disappear after playing a single game, then it is a necessary evil. I first played paintball in 2006; I returned; didn't I?

2. Commitment level
Most people are not prepared to spend $200 / mth on a hobby. Sure, cars costs more but these people already have cars. Players have to balance their time for their social life as well as paintball practices often fall on the all too precious weekends.

3. Going overseas
People who buy pirated CDs are simply not prepared to pay the costs for the real deal. Even if you eradicate piracy, the sale of pirated CDs will *not* translate into sales of original CDs.
Going by that logic, going overseas for paintball is not defection. We might lose them in the short run; but we will get them back in future.

4. RD5
Teams are still in hibernation; after spending $100 + gear in the months leading up to SPNS Leg 2. RD5 means increasing that to $340 on a monthly basis while forgoing training on the 3v3 format. Teams are perhaps unsure if they wish to commit to training in a new playing format that will not be useful to them in leg 3. Please give them time.

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