27 July 2008

Paintball: The need for physical training

~~It started in SPNS Leg 2.

It was the last 2nd game we had. I had a run along the left flank and mutual surprise was achieved with the guy behind the coke. In my panic, I swung my marker to my right with one arm and fired off a few shots. I hit him while his shot at me deflected off my ribs. I knew I got lucky.

One arm shooting is frowned upon but it is not illegal. I resolved to start training my arm strength so that my shots would stray less in such a situation

I felt like my back couldn't support me. The problem is my back and abdominal strength. I resolved to train that up as well.

Unlike some things that I've put off - like assembling my Enterprise E model, I actually did some training on alternate dayys basis. I don't think I'm a casual player anymore, am I?

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