11 July 2008

Game patching and game choosing

For many games on the market; there is a patch available on the very day it ships.
I view this quite negatively. You ship a product with known flaws?!

Remember "Pool of Radiance"? For some unfortunate ones, the installer wiped out their HDDs due to a programming mistake...
complaints: Another hit and run
Pool of Radiance patches (shoddy?)

Often, many bugs remain unfixed after this first critical patch. I understand it is not the fault of the developer. Publisher says ship; you ship. However, in order to punish such behaviour, I have to withhold my money from both parties.

After some time, I began to buy less from certain publishers who are known for releasing shoddy work. For a particular publisher, I avoid their games due to an annoying sequence of un-skippable ads. Clue: the slogan challenged my patience.

If sales are bad, support for the game concerned would drop. Hence, I would not rush out to buy a game the moment it is released. I would wait to see how long the company would support the game.

This however, leads to annoying taunts, "Oh, I guess you aren't a true fan..."
What the?!...

Perhaps my games buying habit reflects my movie watching habits these days. I would watch at a convenient time; not in the opening week. This however, leads to a familiar observation, "Oh, I guess you aren't a true fan..."

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