29 July 2008

Paintball teams in Singapore

edit: corrected list to add Red Sevens; re-organised list

Q. How many active paintball teams are there in Singapore?
A. I'm gonna base this on that they are playing paintball (not necessarily in Singapore) AND has played a competitive match against another active team in Singapore.
  1. A-team
  2. Carnage
  3. Death Mavericks
  4. Hot Fuzz
  5. Kamikaze
  6. Kamikaze: Shinpu
  7. PSG Bravo
  8. PSG Charlie
  9. PSG Warfreaks
  10. Red Lords
  11. Red Lords: Red Shadow
  12. Red Sevens
  13. Team Damnation
  14. Wargh! Birds
  15. Wargh! Nuts
  16. White Death
  17. XXL
  18. Upcoming teams:
  19. MLC
  20. Red Sevens: Red Fraction

Are there going to be more?
Please notify on errors, thanks


  1. Anonymous29/7/08 23:01

    you forgot Red Sevens, the only SG team who plays in MPOC

  2. And PALS

    And The Werdnahol Cup

    And PDPBC

    And World Cup Asia

  3. 1. oops. corrected

    2. please don't leave your name as Anonymous. using a nick is better than that, thanks

  4. Leaving out Red Sevens was not meant to be a deliberate offense or insult; it was a genuine mistake from juggling too many names. I apologise for that.

    However, please do not leave snide comments. Those have been removed, thank you.

  5. Red Seven is professional league.. i believe Joran was only talking about new/novice teams