05 June 2009

Don't prop up one side by bashing down the other

Don't prop up one side by bashing down the other.

If marshals deserve respect due to their hardwork and dedication, then so do journalists.
Journalists have to spend days to set up interviews. More time had to be spent afterwards to email their subjects for confirmations and follow-up questions. All these source material but they only have a small column to put it in. They have to be forgiven if they make mistakes - like marshals.

What I feel:
Calling someone "noob" for doing his job is disrespectful.
Labeling another athlete "dope" because he is not your choice is uncalled for.
"Re-writing" someone's article to provoke him is rude.

If we were to establish Paintball as a respected sport, then we should *not* be making fun of other sports and other sportsmen. If you need to look at good example, you can refer to King's post. He was fair and he thanked the journalist; something we could all learn from.

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