20 June 2009

Operation SoutherN Sun: Introduction to scenario paintball

Operation SoutherN Sun: Introduction to scenario paintball.
source: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/event.php?eid=89337256866

If you are a new or casual player interested to find out more about Scenario Paintballing, come join us as we introduce to you the concepts and ease you into the gameplay.

Wargh! Dogs will be on hand to guide each group as they face off against each other.

Target group -> New or Casual players

Charges per Pax - $99.90 inclusive of...
- Protective Mask
- Protective Vest (for ladies)
- Paintball Marker
- 500 Paintballs
- Lunch
- 2 Way Transfer. Kranji MRT/Bt Ramly/Kranji MRT

Additional Paintballs
500 balls = $50
1000 balls = $85
1x box = 2000 balls = $150
5x box = 10000 balls = $700 ($140 per box)
10x box = 20000 balls = $1300 ($130 per box)

Those with their own transport are welcomed to convoy up.

Please RSVP by 17th June 2009
The RSVP date has lasped but if you're interested, I'll get in touch with the organiser

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