27 January 2014

Another shot at griefers: Have respect for your games

Another shot at griefers: Have respect for your games.

As a gamer,  I detest griefers.
To be fair, I'm not innocent of such crimes.  I have committed it against friends who could curse me and (perhaps) forgiver me.  I've never done it online, where Joran / JoranAtPlay upholds my ideals of fair play, never-say-die and sportsmanship.  So it rankles when I'm accused of cheating, or get added to the ban list because I got to go, or get disconnected.
Griefers could appear in PvE situations - kicking travelers off a bridge.
They could a appear on your team, destroying your game for the fun of it.
Or as the situation turns in their disfavour, or you angered them in some way, they'll sabotage their team (yours) before leaving.
All these are uncalled for.  A gamer who enjoys his hobby, should respect the needs of others to enjoy their session.  That aside, he needs to take losses in stride.  During my obsession with BFME, I kept recordings of my losses, studied them, copied/countered the tactics employed against me, and improved my game.  I'm pretty proud to have achieved a good ranking.  That started, from losing.

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