09 April 2012


Hotel Management game.

Like: Information feedback
Dislikes: Flawed server/cleaner implementation; the lift is a bottleneck; flawed goals.

Joran: I'm quite mixed on this.  On one hand, I want to like it.  On the other, dislike it.
The pro side is information.  The game gives you enough info to play it well.  You know which kinds of customers are unhappy and you can modify your setup to suit them better.  Seldom does games give this kind of info.  This is a thumbs up.

The other things to be happy about is the tutorial and the story mode.  Both are very engaging.
The bad stuffs are many.  The maintenance crew are stuck on level 1, and they take an awfully long time to get anywhere.  Since it's likely my cheaper rooms are at the lower levels and my VIPs are at the top levels, this does not make a good placement.  Then despite staffing my service department with the maximum complement of 4, I do not seem to serve my customers fast enough.  All the food requests come at once, then my staff will make a line for their rooms from level 1 to whatever floor my customers are at.  By the time they return, many orders would have been cancelled.  You would say that the smart solution is to swap the order around and place the VIPs on the lower levels?  That is one expensive restructuring, that I do not wish to take.

The other complaints are: a lift that cannot be upgraded; a sense that the story is incomplete; and flawed goals.  In one of the objective, I am to achieve 4-stars satisfaction for all my customers.  That was a pain till I adopt the strategy of getting as little customers as possible, then run my hotel for many days till luck give me what I want.  That is bad.

Still, it's a welcome distraction if you have a day to spare.

play: http://www.kongregate.com/games/mapacible/innkeeper

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