04 April 2012

Star Trek Enterprise: Battle of Azati Prime

Star Trek Enterprise: Battle of Azati Prime

video: http://youtu.be/bSpT4_cJeAo

From Alpha Memory:
Facing four Xindi ships, Enterprise was severely outgunned and outnumbered. With the Xindi's superior technology, the first few shots easily penetrated Enterprise's hull plating, leaving the hull exposed to Xindi weapons fire. Despite being outgunned, Enterprise's weapons fire managed to destroy one of the attacking Reptilian ships, before it began to sustain heavy damage. Enterprise's limited defensive capabilities led to its systems becoming exposed, as the Xindi targeted crucial systems, including weapons, communications and propulsion. Defenseless, Enterprise came perilously close to destruction, when the attack abruptly halted. Degra, with the backing of the Council, had ordered Dolim to withdraw.

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