29 October 2008

Why I love paintball...

Why I love paintball... or painball, or bruiseball, or any other unflattering names

I love the idea of Counter-Strike or Call of Duty, where one wins by being strategically smart. Or more realistically, I would like to play SWAT, which features room by room clearing and requires instant situational judgment.

All the mental and physical agility needed to juggle a keyboard and a mouse is beyond me.  Even if I manage it, I would get a terrible headache.

Paintball is fast; Paintball is scary.

I can "kill" strangers without getting nightmares.  I can play badly without someone calling me noob in the face.  I do not have to content with kids with no game ethics.  I can improve my fitness and see results in my game.

I wish to clarify that inflicting pain upon others is not my goal and joy.  If it is possible to play painless Paintball, I'm all for it - since it can bring more people in.  The resulting bruise is but an unfortunate by-product of the speed a paintball requires.  You wouldn't want to play a game where the balls have a range of 5m, do you?  Anyway, for those who are bothered with the bruises, they can always look for clothing with extra protection.

On top of personal satisfaction of guys' need to "win", Paintball is a team ball.  Individual skills can go only that far.  Having a good team is a reward by itself.

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