23 October 2008

STAR-Trek. A night walk along the Southern Ridges

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Fellow Trekkers,
would like to propose taking an evening hike along the Southern Ridges, from Hort's Park to Mount Faber. The ending point is chosen for the convenient for all to have:
1. dinner
2. transport home

Please vote on your preferred date. As time is short, I will follow the decision of the majority. I am free on either days but prefers Saturday.

No fence sitters please. Even if you are ok with both dates. Please choose a date, thanks

Feel free to bring along your friends or better halves. This is a leisure hike but the participant should be able to negotiate steps and slopes. As a rough gauge, if you can walk 10km on flat ground without pains, you should be able to traverse this path.


Possible Dates:
8 Nov (Sat)
9 Nov (Sun)

Meeting place:
Hort's Park

Time to meet:

Start Point:
Hort's Park

End Point:
Mount Faber - Harbour Front Center

End Time:



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