03 October 2006

Turning tables, new construction and a 3 way fight

[for the events on 01 Oct]

After my near defeat at the hands of Admiral Zach(see last post), I tweaked my fleet to include La Resolucion. This time, Granada, hero of the previous night was sank while La Resolucion saved the day. This marks the first time I sank Admiral Gaga's ships rather than the other way round. It was also my sixth game.

Gaga was to meet his friend at Raffles City and we accidentally bought another 5 packs to complement our current 12 packs(Zach has 12 packs). Nothing impressive but I got a duplicated rare ship and a French captain. That unlocks a lot =)

I left Gaga and met Zach at Bedok. We settled at the void deck. Zach cried foul as I unveiled my fleet of Granada, La Resolucion and HMS Alexander. La Resolucion saved the day again!

We had a quick second game and Gaga joined us after 8pm. We ended at 10+ and went for supper.


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