24 October 2006

Winning and losing

I don't like losing but I can take it. I'll just plot for another day.
What annoyed me today was the incessant gloating. During the game, fine... standard taunting. After the game, fine. Acceptable to say, "Yes! I have beaten you!" Say it twice, thrice and a fourth time and it starts to get annoying.

I tried to be a good teacher, haven’t I? I beaten him twice and I didn't gloat about it. I won him because of superior crew and I pointed it out to him.

The night followed with some unhappy rounds of DotA.

If I win hands down, I cheat. If I lose, I get taunted to no end. I rather be a cheat and a bully then. Better yet, I’ll be a puppet. Call me if there’s a game. I won’t do the calling anymore.


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