23 April 2006

For the love of gaming

Joran is a hopeless addict, that much is known. I can blame it on genes; Cousins on both sides drown in computer games and only a single scholar among them - a cute young lady troubled by pimples and suitors ;) The boys share a dream to earn money in the gaming industry (not to be confused for gambling). I can't find enough heart to blow up their dreams so I share my creative juices with them.

From the moment I coded my first game in 1990 with the venerable BASIC language, I have desired to write games for free. I would put it under freeware and let it circulate the world via Bulletin Board Systems. People would wonder at the secret identity of the writer who goes by Midgard.
In the 90s, Midgard was my gaming persona while Joran was my nick in the BBS world.

Years later, I have restored the Magic Candle; sent Irenicus to hell; saved Earth in Operation Moongate but am no closer to making my first public release game. My programming skills are not up to scratch and I simply enjoy playing them more then making them. If I ever do one by solo effort, I would still launch it for free.
This posting was provoked by reading a letter in this month’s issue of CGW.


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