20 April 2013

Galaxy Siege

Galaxy Siege.
Bottom-up scroller.

Like: Ship design; grabbing arms
Grabbing arms become obsolete;
once critical size is reached, there is no need to maneuver;
there's no need to invest in fuel tanks to last the whole run, as you can complete the map in stages;
winning the final boss is a matter of finding the right build;
no tactical value in placement of soft components.

Joran: Such a pity.  3 stars.
play: http://jayisgames.com/games/galaxy-siege/

1. Recommended starting layout; spread your grabbing arms as wide as possible.

2. Grabbing arms are cute

3. Spinning out of control cos my ship is out of fuel.  No matter, I can still fight!

4. My final combination.  Get the 2nd best weapon (aka 3-way cannon), with lots of damage enhancers.  Skip the best weapon (aka 3-way missile).


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