11 June 2012

Badminton: A safe sport?

Badminton: A safe sport?

Taxi Driver: So you play badminton?  You must be a very good player?  I used to play too.
Joran: No I'm not, I'm just a casual player.
Taxi Driver: Aiyah, since you're playing, you must be a good player.
Taxi Driver: Badminton is a very safe sport.
Joran: I think badminton is a high injury sport.
Taxi Driver: If you are playing it correctly, you won't get injured.

I have mentioned in the past that badminton had in the past caused me some of my most severe injuries.  Granted that they were caused by my own recklessness, I still attributed it to the sport.  As my level of physical activity goes down, each session is usually accompanied by aches.  I can ignore DOMS, but those on the joints are a warning signal to me that I should take more care.
Perhaps the taxi driver and his generation could shrug off the effects of such excretions easily.  Not for us perhaps.  We were not battle hardened from street fights, nor a life of rough play.

picture source: http://flickrhivemind.net/Tags/kampong,soccer/Interesting

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