30 March 2010

Operation Bright Sun: Write-Up, Battle 1 & 2

Operation Bright Sun: Write-Up.

Battle 1: Skirmish
Wargh! Nuts sat out as the malaysian-side-supplier failed to bring enough markers =(

Battle 2: Skirmish
Mixed Nuts team vs Mixed Dogs team; Team Captain Chak sat out due to a shortage of markers, still...
Mixed Nuts team split into 2 forces: one core center and a right wing, consisting of Wargh! Nuts, making an ambitious right flanking move. Very quickly, the center engaged the enemy. The right wing chose to ignore the action and flanked wide. Keeping a tab on their friendly forces, the right wing reached the enemy's left flank and engaged, killed them and moved on. Moved again, killed again. Joran allegedly scored an enemy kill and a friendly kill at this point. -.-"
The right wing was laid low by a lone gal from Mixed Dogs team. Zeonic and Kongba received accurate incoming fire based on their voices alone. Zeonic called up a newbie, only to get him shot out as he reached their positions. Zeonic then made a diversion by barking a loud order to Joran to flank her. None was more surprised than Kongba when Joran compiled; Edmund - Ian's father, accompanied him. Having been the wrong end of Zeonic's sacrificial tactics one too many times, Joran took his time to approach his target, trying to determine the gal's location from her fire. Thankfully, the gal was too brutally honest and surrendered after running out of rounds.
Calling for Edmund to follow, Joran was surprised that he was missing. Hoping he could take care of himself, Joran rejoined the right wing. Soon, he overheard someone approach from the back. A terse confrontation occurred between Joran and S.A.F.T.B., at gunpoint. They then decided that they were on the same side and carried on. Then, the whistle sounded, game over!

It was later deduced that S.A.F.T.B. killed Edmund - mistaken identity!

Mixed Nuts team won?

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