22 June 2008

SPNS Leg 2: The day itself

We originally started in Wargh! Nuts. Now, we've split into Wargh! Birds & Nuts. I'm in Wargh! Birds.

Our starting was bad. We matched against Carnage, followed by White Death. Both games, we were killed to a man. I kena head shot for both.

From 3rd game to 6th game, we were trying to get our act together. We finally scored some kills and threw away a game or two cos we blur - but really no good excuse, other than we blur. (Can I still blame it on that web merchant? If we had gotten our jerseys earlier, I wouldn't have mistaken a foe for a friendly...)

Finally, we redeemed ourselves. 2 wins with full kills, placing us in 12th position out of 15th teams.

The final winner for SPNS Leg 2 is PSG Warfreaks. A group of Filipinos residing in Singapore who plays woodsball in the region. Congratulations.

more pictures: here

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