12 November 2006


"Joran (not my real name), Junhan listens to you. You must tell him to concentrate on his studies and not play so many games"
I started laughing.
"Remember ah! Must tell him!", my aunt charged me.

The scions of my father's father are not a studious lot. The male grandchildren share a passion for games. Me, ranking 3rd in the line of succession, loves it. At least I have my craving for reading material to split my time. My little cousins literally wallow in computer games.

I was discussing DotA with them when my aunt came over. "Remember ah! Must talk to him!". I started laughing again. Yes it's rude in a way but not if you know what I know. It was I who passed them their first Gameboy emulator. Irked them by beating them at Little Fighter 2. Passed them GunBound while getting their modem up. If Aunt knows, I would have an earful...

When I got home, my mother asked me, "Did wu(3) sheng(3) ask you to talk to Junhan? Must tell him to study hard". Ok, ok... It's a multi-pronged attack. I'll pick a time of my choosing. But how could I? Grandparents and elder cousins are meant to spoil the young ones...

wu(3) sheng(3) - [Chinese form of addressing]
1. wu(3) - five or fifth.
2. sheng(3) - Wife of father's brother - who is relatively younger than your father.
combined: Wife of my father's brother - who ranks fifth in seniority.


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