12 February 2009

SPNS 2009 Leg 1 - match write up 1/3

SPNS 2009 Leg 1 - match write up

[background] I had to rush around to handle my personal stuffs so I missed the first 4 matches. It took me 2 losses to get back into tempo with the team, so I couldn't really remember everything, nor could I report earlier matches. [/background]

Round 5, vs Death Mavericks?

Chak: "Joran, run up to the center Dorito."
Joran: "What?!"
Got killed upon reaching.

Round 6, vs Contract Killers?

Ran up with Mack to center Dorito. I got shot out. He jumped over the snakes, got flanked.

Round 7, vs Dark Militia

Ran up with Mack to center Dorito. Suddenly, Mack isn't there anymore!

Mack shot out 2 guys to win the day for us.


Round 8, vs PSG Warfreakz

Was supposed to ran up with Mack to center Dorito. Was a bit slow and stopped at the tombstone behind the center Dorito. Saw an opponent there as well and did not dare to advance. Saw them trading fire and went up to kill a steal. When I got there, both of them had knocked each other out.
Stood up, saw nobody. Traded fire with a guy deep on the left. 2 opponents got shot out. Stood up and intimidate the guy on the far right. Shouted for Chak to move up.

Very confusingly, we won. After the match, I was told that Warfreakz was confused by my apperance at the center Dorito as they expected it to be empty after Mack went out. Mack's "demise" was a good one, having took out their lead fighter and paved the way for me to capture the center.

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