10 March 2009

SPNS 2009 Leg 1 - match write up 2/3

SPNS 2009 Leg 1 - match write up 2/3

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[background] We're now fighting in the semi finals. From now on, each challenge will be played in best-of-3 format.[/background]

Set 1 vs Red West

This was a crucial set. The winner will go on to the finals. Red West is a new team at that time, formed to enter SPNS 2009 Leg 1. 2 of the guys are relative newbies while the other 2 are current guest players of Red Sevens. On paper, they were hot favourites. This was reflected in the scores.

[Due to too many rounds of Amorphous+ between my earlier post and this one. I have forgotten many details. Apologies for skimping :p]

Round 9
I believe I was slow in moving up the center. My team started to get shot up and I found myself the last person standing. I moved to the side and waited for the bunkering move that I know is going to come. To avoid repeating myself, this was what happened.
Lost, 0:4

Chak: Your neck is bleeding; you want to take a break?
Joran: No

Round 10
Change of plans. Houdini would take the center; I would take the right flank.
This strategy worked. I was furiously snap shooting with my opponent diagonally across the field. We were taking them out one by one. Chak and I were left. We hung the flag. We won! However...
Houdini was pulled out with Mac for an alleged hit, a 1 for 1. The call came from the sidelines instead of a close up check. When the call for timestop came, I was found with a hit under my armpit, another 1 for 1. Our whole team "killed" off that way.
Draw, 0:0

Houdini argued that it was from a slide - that how could have gotten hit on his left as he was coming out from the right? I did not feel any hit on me either. I guess, none of the audience nor the marshals saw anyone of us got hit, right? Anyway, it was my fault for not clearing myself of paint, instead of grumbling during our break. It was sheer bad luck that Houdini got a smear. If either one of these things had happened differently, we would have won, but it didn't. That's life.

Round 11
It's this or never.
Same strategy. With nearly the same results. We knocked them out one by one and pinned the survivors with paint before mopping up. We were meticulous and made sure there were no stranglars. It was a sweet victory.
Won, 4:0

Tie Breaker
We drew on match points and elimination points. Chak represented us and went against Ryan. He stayed too much in the open and got shot in the belly.

Since we know we didn't cheat, it's nice to know that we actually won Red West 2:1. When matches are as tight as this, it sucks when we were stole of our win by dubious calls. Instead of a placing in the finals, we had to fight for 3rd / 4th place. I had no doubts our marshals are fair and I don't blame them. However, we could only lament the absence of having Malaysian Marshals at our competition.

I realise the with the timing of this post, some megalomaniac may think I am responding to his post. However, I'm am not. The draft was made earlier; the post was scheduled for this morning at 10:25am. I finally had some free time to get this done; sorry for the delay.
-Joran, 10:00am


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