04 February 2009

To newbies, abt Paintball politics

To newbies, abt Paintball politics

keep your heads out of it.. =]
know abt it; understand abt it; but don't dabble in it


  1. we are all newbies.. playing SPNS singapore paintball Newbie series..

  2. Hmmz heard about the big hooha .. Oh well .. shit happens .. But I believe Wargh!Nuts will come out stronger with bigger guns blazing .. Hahaha .Chill man ..

    Mambo out ..

  3. one would be surprised at the amount of politics that this tiny community generates. its perhaps a hundred or two strong. less those who aren't regulars, or who have no online presence, and its down to a sparse dozen or so.

    and i would say much of the politics stems from blogs. u say what you like in your blog and its inevitable that you offend someone else, whether you intend to or not. i say this because there are people who post things to stir shit up. the usual MO is to coat it with politeness and 'don't flame me' but its so thin that its just as offensive to believe your readers are really that stupid.

    pb is still in its infancy in sg. trying to ham it up and taking credit for its inception is not going to take this sport anywhere. i apologise to joran for hijacking his blog to post this message but i would rather say this now than to leave it till its too late.

    no matter how nice u sound, ppl can tell its not what you are really thinking. there is no need to be fancy in your writing, a spade is still a spade even if u are questioning it. there is no need to tell the whole world that you are upset with your team mate, that he was wrong and u are so right. the grown up way is to talk to them about it and iron it out. you have the god given right to be an asshole. don't let anyone else tell u different. but please, don't act surprise when people tell you that u are one.

    we don't have a choice but we still have a voice. it may not be singing sycophantic praises but it matters. please listen.

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  5. Sad to say, politics cannot be avoided 100% of the time. even when you actively try to stay out of it, sometimes you have no choice but to speak out against some of those who would inadvertently hurt the growth of paintball as a sport in Singapore.

    The fact that the only paintball association in Singapore is made up of the owners from the only speedball field in Singapore is already a concern especially regarding the question of transparency. How can anyone be sure that growing the sport of speedball in Singapore is not indirectly related to growing the coffers of the only speedball field?

    I m sure at this juncture, folks from the association will be up in arms with regards to what I have just written and it hurts doesnt it, to be misunderstood? Probably as much as the insinuation that so and so cheated at the spns and deserved to be shot 6x. Or that spectator A was pointing at the field during an ongoing game and hence he must be pointing out positions for his team mates.

    It boggles the mind when I read from the blogs of self-declared paintball experts on their views of how paintball should grow as a sport in Singapore when the posts are filled with childish recriminations of who did this to whom and who is in the right or wrong. To them I say, Fuck it dudes! If the sport is to grow, set aside your petty egos and work together.

    Til this day, I have yet to see any leadership from the self-proclaimed leaders of Singapore speedball. Those who wish to be a leader, get off your arse and start getting your hands dirty developing teams. Come up with a shared vision for everyone, inspire, motivate.

  6. hmm xterix, not true lar.. remember without RD , there is no speedball here yet. regardless of whatever happen or has yet to happen, they brought in speedball and without them 200 over players would have never known what is speedball. in their own way they did try their best to promote it but we can't expect everyone to be all media savvy and be proficient in events management for a new type of sports in Singapore. SPNS from 08-09 did show improvement as they need to take time to react to feedback and improve. so what you are asking from them is your version of leadership , not theirs.

  7. O_o

    hi hi, hi all,
    don't break the furniture..

  8. Anonymous5/2/09 20:52

    Whatever it is...stay cool! ya? i see you around at the field. Put things aside and look ahead...just like me.


  9. Thanks Chak!

    Andy, thanks for your input too but I am sure you understand where PBAS is coming from cos I told you so when we (you and I) were planning to start a Shooting Sports Association which incorporate paintball, laser tag and airsoft 2 years ago.

    So I am very surprised by your comments.

    Let's put it this way... if you are the only guy selling Satay and you want to start a Satay Association to encourage people to start eating satay...who do you think is the best to start a Satay Association? The guy who sells kacang putih?

    Having said that, do let me know if there are opportunitites for collaboration. For paintball to work in Singapore, its not just about PBAS or field operators, its everyone who wants to be involved good or bad way.

    Lastly, as discussed you were supposed to write a post event report from your last scenario game in JB to be pasted in our field to promote scenario paintball? I am still waiting...

    Lets collaborate not "shoot" one another. I hope this is clear.

    Joran, thanks for providing this opportunity for discussion. It's good.

  10. welcome, i didn't do "anything" actually.

    juz telling curious onlookers that this is chiefly my private quarrel with "someone".

    every now and then, i get poked. hence my little outbursts. I bet he's laughing himself silly, "Ha ha, gotcha!"

  11. Anonymous5/2/09 23:25

    if you are the only guy selling Satay and you want to start a Satay Association to encourage people to start eating satay.. >>> Lets set the record straight ..

    You were not the only guy selling satay .. and neither were u the first.. You just wanted people to eat your "kind" / genre / type of satay ..

    SOoo .. I hope that was clearer ..

  12. Thanks Anonymous... btw, you can also choose what satay to eat, you have chicken, beef, mutton. I just happen to sell one type, you have a choice so do the rest.

  13. Anonymous6/2/09 00:31

    Well ,at first you were saying you were the only guy selling Satay ..I thank you for acknowledging the other operators. thats why I was surprised at your comment. Of course I do know my chicken , mutton , beef and even pork satays =)

    I am sure everyone has a choice and many of them sure are starting to rethink their choices.

    "Anoymous" Jackson

  14. Ben,

    Good, you are here and you read my comments.

    My points were merely to highlight the fact that without proper clarification, people will misconstrue meaning and intent. Hence the question of transparency when view from a newcomer's perspective of PBAS as an example of how questions like this could be interpreted when taken out of context.

    The question of transparency is a sensitive issue with you, I fully understand why. Let it be known that insinuating that Joran was shot excessively coz he was cheating is a sensitive thing for me.

    Likewise, the actions of a member of the Red Sevens stirring shit up and attempting to sow discord within the local paintball community is a sensitive thing for me.

    The instigator claimed that a parent brought up the 'fact' that someone was pointing out positions in order to provide their team an advantage. Why didn't he do something about it there and then, why didn't he clarify or warn the person?

    Instead he went back, sat down and blog about it. I cant help but wonder at his intentions. It sounds like a power trip and a chance to show off. -> Want juicy gossip go look for him.

    In your opinion, does this in any way advance the sport of speedball in Singapore or does it cheapen the wins on SPNS? Teams would start wondering who the cheat is and if that in any way affected the result of their game.

    If this was any other blogger, I could care less. But sadly he is in Red Sevens. And who doesn't know that Red Sevens is the first competitive speedball team from Singapore. No one asked you guys to claim that fact but since you guys have done it, please do so responsibly coz you are indirectly representing us.

    Likewise, any blogger attempting to be the spokesperson for the Singapore paintball community needs to set aside their ego and focus on blogging quality topics about paintball and refrain from washing all the dirty laundry in public.

    As for the Satay Association, it is debatable whether the person selling satay is the best person to lead the Satay Association. All I can say is, it is up to you guys to set the standard of the satay being sold to the public. All those satay man who are unable or unwilling to sell satay at the standard you set shouldn't be able to continue selling satay.


    ps, we are trying to fix up the schedule for the whole year. once we have that, i will send it to you to be posted up :)

  15. Thanks bro...I thank you for your comments. But please have a clear understanding when it comes to differentiating Red Sevens, SPNS and PBAS, it is all different entities as far as I am concerned. Whatever that was written in the blog does not in anyway represent the perspectives of Red Sevens, PBAS or SPNS. It is just a personal blog of a paintball enthusiast who voiced out his own opinion :)

    No, Red Sevens do not represent Singapore paintball and we are not the first competitive paintball team as some has previously claimed, its team Nightmare surely not us. Yes, we do have the "first paintball team" tagline tagged to our team and I am sure you understand the need of having a tag line. Its for publicity :) And lastly, Red Sevens is just a paintball team in Singapore and does not in any way represent Singapore paintball, though I am flattered that you think otherwise :)

    With regards to why there was no confrontation from the individual, that you will have to ask the parent. To make an appeal in the SPNS, its a non-refundable $100.00. I guessed thats just too much for an appeal to create discord. But yes, I do agree with you that he should have confronted the individual and catch him/her in the act that would have made it easier for us to declare a game disqualification.:)

    Noted that I am ending all paras with a :), so I hope you understand where I am going with this.

    Yes, let me have the schedule and I will post it at the field.

    Okay, this is my last reply to this discussion. Peace.

  16. We all know that but if it's coming from the leader, it's hard to say it's not the team's official stance. Take for example, if our PM were to visit country T, T's neighbouring country will raise a very big hoo haa.

    In Nuts' case, we will update each other whenever we are about to do something that might cause a stir. We will also have our leader give out our official statement. In this way, we can minimise stepping on people's toes.

    To call someone a cheater first is "poisoning the well". The accused have a harder time defending himself. In this case, there was the initial setup - the blog; followed by the action - the comments. The blog post sets himself as the moral authority and proclaimed a cheater. Comments from his friends/fans gave some hints. The last comment on my blog linked it to us. Following the grapevine, it wasn't hard to find out that he's referencing to us. We were quite upset about this but yet to make an official action.

    I have never posted anon comments on his blog. In fact, my first comment on his blog was to speak out against anon commenters, who were flaming him at that time. Unfortunately, this led him back to my blog and started the "grudge".

    I still have not posted anon on ANYONE's blog. I hope these hit and run tactics can be eliminated.

  17. Anonymous7/2/09 11:57

    i dont like satay. its grooossss.