04 January 2010

Battle of Ia Drang Valley - Day 2

Battle of Ia Drang Valley - Day 2.

The movie 'We Were Soldiers' starring Mel Gibson based on the book 'We were soldiers once, and young' recounted the events of this battle as the US Army's fought its first pitched battle in Vietnam against the NVA and VC.

We completed The Battle of Ia Drang Valley - Day 1 on 6th Dec 2009. Day 2 is scheduled for 17th Jan 2010 and will attempt to recreate the second day of this epic battle.

Scenario Paintball is totally different from the usual paintball games you have played in Singapore. The Wargh!Zone is set amidst natural terrain and forest with bunkers and unlike paintball places in Singapore, there is no middle line dividing each half of the battlefield thus allowing for flanking maneuvers and ambushes along the trails. This will be the closest you will ever come to a real battlefield.

If you are a new or casual player interested to find out more about Scenario Paintballing, come join us as we introduce to you the concepts and ease you into the gameplay.

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