01 February 2009

SPNS 2009 Leg 1 - 2 annoying things

SPNS 2009 Leg 1 - 2 annoying things
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My views, my views, my own views.
But let's not mince words. I'm unhappy with 1 or 2 guys from Red West.

I got bunkered.
#1 - got shot on the neck, move my left hand to touch it. Ow!

"Wait!", I shouted
#2 - got shot on lens
#3 - got shot on marker

Raised my hand to indicated to marshal and player that I'm dead.
#4 - bicep
#5 - wings
#6 - thigh

What the hell?!
"Wait!", I shouted angrily.

I'm not moving; I'm not firing; this is overshooting!
What happened to grace during bunkering? Grrr...

The captain of the winning team gave a speech, "I see everyone is very good, playing very well. One day you will play at our level".

Ouch. Back-handed compliment.

Ya, a person got the rights to be disgusting. Sure, can give it to him. I'm just not going to be friends with him.

I'm quite pissed off with the guy who bunkered me. He continue to shoot me even after he had solid breaks on my neck, lens and hopper.

In defense of Ryan, a member of the paintball community said that he meant, "to play in the same level as his country" and did not intend any snub.


  1. How can you get 'over shot' with a mech marker? If you took 6 shots to get out of there- thats says so much on how long you took to get out of there in the first place. And who says "wait"?

  2. Anonymous3/2/09 19:31

    I was at this event and I clearly remember the captain of the winning team, RED WEST to say that we all could play at a higher level than what we were playing at and that we all could compete in his home country, America
    don't make such biased comments because you did not place as well as you had hoped

  3. Anonymous3/2/09 22:48

    What an travesty getting shot so many times! The next time you play them, you should go and bunker him.

    Though you will probably get shot trying to do it just play on like you usually do and return him the 6 shots anyway.

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  5. anon idiots again.. no name no comments.

  6. same guy(s) as last time..
    2 IPs but it can be 1 guy

  7. cool bro cool bro...

  8. getting shot up is part of the game. quit whining about it u big baby. if u buay song anyone, don't need justification. don't like means don't like.

  9. you must have missed the hand signals from your friend on the sidelines for "watch out - you're about to be bunkered and shot 6 times"

  10. I am cooled..
    The comments are coming in themselves..

  11. Cut the charade. You know I know who you are. I know you know.

    For someone who is the target of a large base of haters who leave comments anonymously, you seem to enjoy doing them yourself.

    If you want to make accusations, do it with your real identity.

    If your target is me, then deal with me. I'm calling you out, coward. Are you going to come into the open?

    I'm locking down this post