10 September 2006

Painball fun!

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4 teams of 4 each.

Round 1: Balloon shoot
Team 4's Joran went for the right flank. Encountered 2 enemy soldiers. Enemy 1 fired first, shot went high. Joran took aim, enemy 1 ducked. Enemy 2 fired, shot went high. Joran took aim, felt a shot ricochet off his skull. *First blood!* Joran sulked his way back to base, high five-d Wai Kit who ran out, skidded. Joran tapped the base and ran out. Enemy 3 appeared, it's Darkman! Joran flanked his right side but was spotted. Darkman stumbled while turning to his right. Joran strafed to his right, the shot meant for him missed. Wai Kit fired at Darkman. Darkman turned to his front. Joran popped up on his right flank again. Darkman stumbled again. Wai Kit fired. Joran fired. Darkman fired. No one got shot. Buzzer went off. Velvic shot out their balloon at their home base. Victory for Team Joran!

Round 2: Capture the flag
Joran and Wai Kit went left. Jose and Velvic went right. Joran encountered enemy 1 and 2 in the hedge maze, took pot shots at each other through the flowers. "Capture the flag", scolded the co-ordinator. Joran saw a flag, went under the wooden tower, grabbed and ran. "Go, go!", shouted enemy 2, who thought that I was enemy 1. Joran ran to the fortress and waved the flag. He took aim from the high vantage and awaited a test of sharp shooting.
Result: Team 3 won as there were 3 flags in the maze. Darn it!
Long story short: Everyone had fun while Joran had no kills to mark on his weapon.

Round 3: Elimination
Rule: No resurrection; you die when you run out of rounds; you die if you run out of gas.
Joran and Velvic went left, Joran trailing. Enemy 1 and 2 (again...) appeared, fired at Velvic. Joran took cover and dashed to join Velvic. Piak! Shot on the collarbone. Life's not fair -.-

1st: Team 2
2nd: Team 3
3rd: Team 4 (us)
4th: Team 1

Q. So how painful is painball?
A. Well, my skull is fine, no bruises. I have a smart red bruise the size of a 5 cents coin on my collarbone. It didn't feel very painful for both shots. The distance was 3-4m for the first and 5m for the second.

costs: $50
rounds: 250
costs: $40

pictures from: http://startrek.com.sg/news2006/06-09-10.html


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