13 November 2012

Kickstarter project: Tom vs Bruce: Postcard

Kickstarter project: Tom vs Bruce: Postcard.
previously: Tom vs. Bruce

This postcard took a very long time in arriving.  Bruce said in an update on 17 Sep 2012 that the postcards were mailed (Update #20).

The chop on the stamp reads 4 Oct 2012.  I received it sometime before 22 Oct 2012.

The postcard reads,
"Hi <Joran>!
Thanks so much for supporting Tom vs Bruce.  We truly do appreciate it.  Hope you enjoy the card."

"You rock for supporting us, <Joran>.  Hope all is well out in Singapore"
"P.s. Root for Tpam(?) Tom!"

Haha, sorry Tom, I'm Bruce's guy.
Go, Bruce!  Pause him to his death.

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