22 January 2012

Star Traders RPG (Lite)

Star Traders RPG (Lite)
aka Free Version, download here.

Likes: Playable with Lite version; lots of playing styles.
Dislikes: Unable to determine a good trade route - all prices seem to the same; steep learning curve; good things on Elite (paid) version; poor documentation on combat; can't frick'in land on a planet as encounters keep coming; the next ship is way too expensive.

Joran: There are many trading games.  This seems the best by far, for a mobile version.  There's a large range of playing styles to choose from: from Mr Jack, to Bounty Hunter, to a Spy (in paid version).  However, it suffers from what I feel are many flaws, which I've listed above.
I've not won a single game on Normal to Challenging difficulties yet.  However, I'm making progress.  It's flawed, but I think I can make it as a bounty hunter.  Just don't offend anyone, till you get permits from most of the factions.

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