29 November 2011

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Wii): First impressions

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Wii): First impressions.

Joran: I know.  The game is at least 4 years old.  Why am I "reviewing" this now?  
Well, 4 years ago, I had jointly bought a Wii set with Gaga, and now I claim it for play.  I'll only cover 2 parts: Graphics and pacing, till I get more familiarity with the game.

Graphics: Visuals are pixelated and unimpressive, perhaps even by Wii standards.  I do like the scenery.

Pacing: My Link woke up to an urgent call to herd goats.  His horse was missing and he tracked him down to a lake, where the boy who take cares of his horse had taken her for a washing.  After herding the goats, Link had to learn how to jump gates.
The next day, Link was woken up by the local kids.  He learnt how to get down ladders.  The local kids told him that a sling is now available in the local store.  He was told by the boy who looks after his horse than he made a fishing rod for him, if only he could look up his mother.  Link then headed to town.
There, the shopkeer's wife is missing her cat terribly and in a bad mood (therefore no sling).  Her husband was trying to knock down a bee's hive.  The horse lad's mother had lost the first cradle she ever made in the river and was in a bad mood (therefore no fishing rod).  Link found the cat by the river, who evaded capture and kept looking hungrily at the fishes (which had to be fished).  After swimming in the river, Link found a monkey holding the cradle but could not find a way to get to it; perhaps a slingshot could get him down...
Link found a way to hop onto the watermill, la la la, and found a way to knock down the beehive, but was no way closer to getting the sling, nor the fishing rod, nor the cradle.

At this time, I had spent a good 50 minutes on the game and was getting pissed off.  "What the hell?!"  Can I start fighting something already?  Is this Zelda?  Or some, help the villagers game?  If it wasn't for the brand, I would have given up on the game.
The pacing in my opinion, is terrible.  I've seen many screenshots and believe the rest of the game should be great.  But non fans shouldn't be treated to hours of puzzles before they start the game proper.  You'll lose new fans that way.

Sexual ambiguity: An extra point for me to add.  The boy who looked after my horse - Epony, had been looking at me with large longing eyes; kinda made me uncomfortable.  If people didn't keep telling me that he's a boy, I would have thought that he's a girl.  I found a picture of him in his grown up stage; I hope I didn't spoil the game for anymore when you see his true sex.
I'm right.

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