14 November 2011

Kingdom Rush stolen!

Kingdom Rush stolen!

We didn't made this public earlier because we trusted that Apple would do the right thing and remove the app swiftly when presented with the evidence. Sadly its been around 18 days and the app is still there despite our countless mails to remove it.

We contacted Armorgames of course to make them aware of this and they also got in touch with Apple, we also hired the DMCA.com takedown service, sent over 20 emails along with copyright infringement notices to Apple and although the dev removed the app for a week, they published it again last friday. So since Apple is not answering or doing anything we decided to make this public and seek the support of the online community.

read more: http://ironhidegames.com/post.php?id=38#

Update from Ironhide:
Sat 12th Nov 11 01:55 Apple has removed the game from the store, but we must be careful, it can appear again. THANK YOU to all who are supporting us.

Joran: Sadly, it takes public pressure to force Apple to add.

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