17 June 2010

Starcraft II pricing

Starcraft II pricing.
Starcraft 2 only costs $59.99 USD.
So why is IAH charging $109 SGD for Singapore?

Blizzard jacked up the price to approximately $84 SGD.  IAH padded on another $25 SGD for packing and shipping.  Talk about inflation!

Dragon Age Origins & Need for Speed SHIFT (2010): http://eastore.ea.com/store/eara/en_SG/DisplayHomePage/ThemeID.1220300/Currency.SGD?resid=TBmzGwoHAi4AAEg8NLoAAAAI&rests=1276752666152
Dawn of War II's pricing (2009): http://gameaxis.com/dawn-of-war-ii-limited-singapore-collectors-edition-pre-order-bundle-announced/

Chart plotter: http://nces.ed.gov/nceskids/createagraph/default.aspx?ID=4b417bf53fec40089648b4781b197551


  1. ...and then they'll make you buy the game 3 times to keep up.

    thanks activision!

  2. Hi papa chad,

    not exactly sure who's the villain here but it looks like they billed us for the lapse in meeting the original deadline.

    I'm not sure if I wanna boycott the game. If I do, my brother would buy it anyway. So regardless how much whining is made on the ground, they'll still make a killing from the launch.