01 May 2010

Skies of War

Skies of War.
Action game - Clear the map of enemies.

Likes: Plane simulation; Helpful hints: Intro each new unit and weapon to you; Landing features; Able to swap planes and weapon configuration after landing.
Dislikes: It's a demo; The helpful hints neglected to teach me how to land; Weak Air-to-Air missile damage (see my comments); Invulnerability after landing.

Joran: Did I complete this game?  Yes and no.  I completed all 3 stages but it's a demo, tempting me with more powerful weapons and planes.  So no, I didn't.
Next, missiles, whether AGM or AAM, should deal immediate death to their targets.  Since they don't, my Huey can absorb incoming missile hits and gun down the enemy planes as they fly past me.  I didn't even bother loading up with AAM, or switch to a dog-fighter.  Ever heard of a Huey taking down 5 planes?
Yes, it's an arcade game but when you woo people with realism, don't spoil it later by taking me out of my suspension of disbelief.

play: http://www.playedonline.com/game/17563/Skies-of-War.html

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