20 January 2010

Battle of Ia Drang Valley - Day 2, write-up by Zeonic

Battle of Ia Drang Valley - Day 2, write-up by Zeonic.
source: http://www.facebook.com/notes/tea-guofeng/17th-dec-battle-of-ia-drang-valley-part-2/262294741996

Conditions windy with cloud cover.

Game 1

The troops were divided into two, this time we were assigned to the smaller force. It was to be the battle between the digi camou vs the old no.4 camou. Our orders are to attack and seize control of the treehouse. The other team will defend. We number 13, while the defenders have around 25.

Although half the defenders are new comers, they are supplemented with the experienced and well armed Mr and Mrs Lao Gao. Our side on the other hand comprises of the Wargh! Nuts, Azman with his X7 and daughters and several other veterans. It was a uphill task. We are outnumbered almost 2 to 1 and we are supposed to be the attackers.

We split into two teams, both flanking to the right. Azman's main force curved and struck the centre of the defenses. The Nuts went long and skirted the perimeter line for a deeper penetration. As we moved through the thick bush, we encountered a lone Medic from the opposing team and a quick burst from Zeonic and Kongba despatched him.

As we advanced stealthily, we can hear Azman's team engaging the enemy. The Nuts wanted to cut short the flank and enter the fray for fear that our comrades needed support. Zeonic was on point and he came face to face with a defender. They stared at each other for a moment before opening up. Zeonic dropped prone onto the ground as heavy gunfire strafed the branches overhead. Kongba rose up behind to provide cover fire. Chak ordered Zeonic to go around and flank them. Zeonic headed further into the jungle.

Then Kongba cried out as he was hit, Chak was also struck in quick succession. Zeonic was on his own deep in the enemy's rear. He came up behind the defenders' position and shot one of them out. The heavy gunner was still shouting instructions to the fallen comrade when Zeonic fired upon her, avenging Kongba and Chak. He moved on, his heart pumping with adrenaline. There was movement in the vegetation and he swung round quickly to shoot his target. Hit! Then he recognises that groan. It was Joran. He had survived the initial encounter and had moved up. Zeonic silently cursed his impatience for shooting first before checking. Joran's groaning and thrashing masked Zeonic's advance into the defender's area. He came upon another bunker and shot one exposed enemy. There was another and he quickly returned fire. Zeonic was hit in the leg, but was still alive. He ducked behind a tree and traded shots with the bunker.

After a few minutes, which must had seemed like an eternity in that duel, Zeonic decided to turn and run. Back into the bush he went, then he zig zagged back and went to the right of the bunker. Did the other guy hear him? He pondered to himself. He was upon the exposed side of the bunker and the enemy was lying back against the barricade. He did not see Zeonic. A three round burst ran up his arm and finally struck him dead on the goggle. And that made 5 kills. Zeonic thought he might be able to surprise the enemy if he quickly occupied the bunker. As he was about to reach it, unseen shots came from the high ground and hit him in the back. For Zeonic, the battle is over.

Game 2

The roles reversed, the Nuts are defending the same area they were supposed to take. The battle was quick. The opposing team were even more numerous now, numbering 33 versus 13 on our side. We were assigned positions to hold but was unable to cover the whole line as we were stretched too thin. The enemy came and they were well organised. Light infantry probed the defense lines and attempted to draw fire, thus exposing our positions to their heavy gunners, who would then rain intense fire on us.

Kongba and Zeonic was holding the left flank but were on unfavourable ground, as thick vegetation obscured the enemy. Kongba was firing at sight and quickly became a magnet for their automatic gunfire. Zeonic stayed silent and was hoping to ambush the heavy gunners if they advanced. Kongba was knocked out by shots coming behind our position. The enemy had successfully outflanked us. They were coming out of the vegetation and Zeonic finally had a clear shot. He only managed to fire off a few rounds before he was answered back with gunfire ten fold over. He hunkered down as shots burst overhead and showered him in shrapnel. The moment the fire subsided, he stood up, turned and ran. As he was fleeing through the woods, a heavy gunner who had penetrated the lines mowed him down. Zeonic was struck several times in the back and the battle was over for him.

by Zeonic.
source: http://www.facebook.com/notes/tea-guofeng/17th-dec-battle-of-ia-drang-valley-part-2/262294741996

Add on by Joran:
Meanwhile, the right flank was getting hot. Xterix pulled Joran from the left flank and reassigned him to strengthen the support. A Malaysian player (APM) tasked Joran to take over his defensive and took on a patrol role, disappearing to the far right.

Enemies on the right flank started shooting at someone unseen, presumably APM. Joran held his fire and traced the fire back to its source, spotting the attackers. He joined in the fire with APM and after a short exchange, 2 attackers walked out. An enemy heavy gunner responded with a burst of fire at the defenders, keeping them in check.

Photos by Zeonic

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