27 December 2009

A game or a screen saver? A Knight's Story 2

A game or a screen saver?  A Knight's Story 2.

Joran: Usually I don't post up a game if I think it sucks.  This game, however, deserve some slamming from me.
This game sells itself as an idle game - meaning you are meant to take it easy and play it over a long period of time with little player involvement.
At start, you choose a character and name it.  Then you make an all important decision to step out of your home city.  Aye, step out and you might die.  Stay and you might live, till our fossil fuels run out.  So you step out.
Once you've done that, you meet monsters and fight them.  This will take a minute and done automatically.  Once that monster has been slain.  Wait another minute for a new monster.  If you kill it, great!  Wait another minute.  If you die.  Wait a minute while you get teleported to your home city and you can make the all important decision again.  Travel from screen 0 to screen 1?
100 minutes later, you wonder if you can see new scenery.  Yes you may.  Wait one minute to step to a new piece of land and one minute later, you meet a powerful monster who will let you enjoy a one minute teleportation to your home city.  Travel from screen 0 to screen 1?
500 minutes later, you wounder if you can finally see new scenery.  Yes you may.  Spend one minute to travel and hey!  You actually can!  You are now in screen 2!  All in 500 minutes, no sweat.

An idle game with no effort from you.  Only having to make the decision to step out from screen 0 to screen 1 and let the game do the rest.  Died?  Move out and watch the show.  Died again?  Move out and watch the show.  The game can't get more engaging than this.

play it if you're REAL bored: http://www.kongregate.com/games/Colino/a-knights-story-2

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