14 December 2009

Battle of Ia Drang Valley - Day 1, post publicity post by Zeonic

Battle of Ia Drang Valley - Day 1, post publicity post by Zeonic

Arrived at SX. Geared up at The Stronghold. Encountered multiple swarms of mosquitoes. Insect repellent supplies depleted rapidly.

Combat area recced. Dense vegetation with patches of soft soil. Emerged from steaming jungle thinking we already won the war.

Battle commenced. Elimination game. Team Chak outnumbered Opfor 2 to 1. Situation excellent. Team Chak broke up into several smaller teams and advances into the jungle. Losses mount rapidly. Zeonic and Kongba flanked to the left and managed to take out two Opfor. Joran was missing and assumed dead. Game ends with 4 members of Team Chak surviving versus 2 for Opfor. Game goes to Team Chak.

Break for lunch at the club house. Penang Fried Kuay Teow was preferred over Chicken Chop. Lime juice was refreshing.

Second game begins. Team Chak was to capture Foxhole 1, establish spawn point and then proceed to primary objective of activating the siren at the Sniper Tree. Team Chak moved out in a long skirmishing line with both flanks moving forward ahead of the centre. Despite encountering automatic fire from the bunkers, Team Chak was able to focus overwhelming firepower on Opfor positions. Foxhole 1 taken. Sniper Tree was raining fire down and doing serious headshots. Team Chak overrunned the Sniper Tree and activated the siren. Game goes to Team Chak. Minimum losses to Team Chak.

Third game begins. Team Chak to defend Foxhole 1 position. Opfor will be attacking. Team Chak splits up and hold key positions around Foxhole 1. Opfor begins with a diversionary attack at the front, while two teams come from the flanks. Team Chak holds the left and centre positions. Opfor 3 men team flanking from the right penetrates into the defensive perimeter. Chak and Zeonic managed to hold them for a while, eliminating one. The other two took the right bunker and was holding higher ground. Accurate fire took out Zeonic and Chak. Team Chak was all but wiped out, with only 2 ladies still defending the primary objective. They fought to the very end. Game goes to Opfor.

Cleaned up and convoy moved to Jusco for some grilled Mahi mahi and Hohoho sauce.

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