15 October 2009

Nuts Makan Session: BK Whopper Bar

Nuts Makan Session: BK Whopper Bar.
7 Oct 2009.

Joran caught the news and waved it in front of the Wargh! Nuts and snagged them easily enough.  Led by the nose, they found the bar right next to Liang Court.  Joran ordered a Mushroom Swiss Double while the guys ordered Whooper.
The general consensus was while the burgers were bigger, they tasted roughly the same.  I enjoyed mine; the others complained their Whoppers broke apart. ST also commented (more than once) how the place stinks; I had to agree.  The round tables couldn't really sit 5 Nuts and a lady.

Knda a let down but it'll let you have a cheap place to have a meal in Clark Quay.

An average burger meal here meal is 8++

After that, we played that Gundam game =]

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