24 September 2009

Rec game of paintball @ Focus Adventure Camp Site Sembawang

Rec game of paintball @ Focus Adventure Camp Site Sembawang.
edit: photos link and credit

Spyder Sonic and well maintained.

3 men on duty: Benjamin & Jacqueline hosted the games.


Helicopter in terrorist camp

Trees wide enough to hide 2 pax
A bridge in counter-terrorist camp

Standing and squatting bunkers
Watchtowers (albeit far from action)

Broad horizontally, allows wide angle of play

Counter terrorists have to plant a flag on the bridge.
Terrorists have to slap a bomb on the side of the helicopter hull that is facing the counter terrorists.

The terrorists benefit from having a protected bunker - the helicopter itself. They simply have to run out of the helicopter and slap the bomb on the hull. The counter terrorist got to run up the bridge, a pretty risky move.
The terrorist however, can be locked down by placing men on the far left and right of the field (remember the wide horizontal width?) If they can't enter the heli, they can't win.

A pretty fun field albeit unbalanced. Players looking for a greater mix of strategic depth should consider this field.

Photos, courtesy of Samuel - http://picasaweb.google.com/joran.nits/200909_pb_focus#


  1. paintball Ian25/9/09 23:46

    This looks very interesting.. Did you make a booking through Bben?

  2. It's cute but the games won't last long.

    no i didn't; i wasn't the organiser