21 September 2009

Polonium 210: Write-up

Polonium 210: Write-up.
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Saturday, 7.30 pm:
Agent Joran, Henry and Ian (specs) arrived at Liang Court's Reception Counter and met up with Agent ST. After we made sure we were not tailed, we proceeded to MacDonald's to await instructions.

8.00 pm
Senior Agent Xterix arrived and briefed us on our mission.  Our spy-ring in this Capitalist country has been compromised.  Each one of us would be assigned a target.

8.10 pm
Agents Kimchi Brothers gave us envelopes containing our targets and left.  Agent Ian (woodsball) illegally stole a peek at us; marking us as potential foes.

8.20 pm
Our team prepared to move out; checks equipment.

8.30 pm
Betrayed by Agent Henry, Agent Joran was the first casualty.  The team splintered.

8.35 pm
Revived as a member of the mindless Death Squad.  Joran has only one thought - Haunt his killer.

8.40 pm
Joran took up position on the bridge and spotted Agent Henry.  Kept watch.
Agent Ian (specs)'s killer got killed while stalking him.

8.45 pm
Agent Ian (specs) got killed.
Recall of Death Squad members - orders: bring in all agents for questioning.
Agent Henry made his 2nd kill.

8.50 pm
4 agents got killed to date
Agent Henry ran off from Joran at bridge, after the latter told him, "I here here to haunt you".

8.55 pm
Agent ST chanced upon Ian (specs), took one look and immediately leaved him in the dust.  Someone must have warned here that Death Squad members were on the move.
Agent Kelly started stalking Agent Henry.

9.05 pm
Joran continued his haunt of Agent Henry.

9.15 pm
Agent Kelly started stalking Agent Henry.

9.20 pm
Joran started searching for Agent ST.
Agent Henry, who was avoiding Joran, walked after him.
Agent Kelly, who was stalking Agent Henry, followd.
Agent Kelly got killed by his assigned killer, who was following him.

9.25 pm
No one has seen Agent ST.  The order went out to arrest her.
Agent Kelly got revived as a Death Squad member.

9.35 pm

Kelly arrested Agent ST.
Agent ST's assigned target got arrested.

9.40 pm
Agent ST made her first kill.
Joran started to haunt Agent ST.
Agent Ian (woodsball) got arrested by the Death Squad.  He was found in the bushes.

9.50 pm
Agent ST stalked her target to the toilet and made her 2nd kill.  However, a quirk in the knife assigned to the agents was that you got to know the identity of your victim, else he doesn't die straight away

10.00 pm
Agent Henry got killed, with a total of 3 kills.  His killer was supposed to be dead.

10.15 pm
The game ends.
Agent ST was the last standing assassin.
Agent Henry had the highest number of kills, at 3.
A second game was supposed to have followed but Joran, Henry, Ian (specs) and ST decided to call it a day.


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