09 September 2009

Mobile Suit Gundam Senjo No Kizuna: 2nd impressions

Mobile Suit Gundam Senjo No Kizuna: 2nd impressions.
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Today, Chak, Xterix, Laogao and myself went down to have a team training.
We found that we got to go to the ticketing machine to upgrade our Mobile Suits.  We also managed to locked 2 new Mobile Suits.

I found that the Vulcan cannon (by pressing both weapon triggers) have a greater knock down effect than the regular laser pistol.

On trying out the Mobile Suits for close range and medium range, I fared badly.  More study had to be done.

more reading:
wiki - http://gaming.wikia.com/wiki/Gundam:_Senjou_no_Kizuna
range types - http://www.gundam-kizuna.jp/english/game/ms.html
advanced combat tactics - http://senjounokizuna.wikispaces.com/Advanced+Combat+Techniques
(flash) practice for 3 hit combo? - http://kizuna78.web.fc2.com/kizuna/index.html

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