16 August 2009

MPOC 09 Leg 5, Div 3: Singapore teams - Consolidated update

MPOC 09 Leg 5, Div 3: Singapore teams - Consolidated update.
With this, I'll delete my previous 2 posts.
edit1: corrected rankings

There were a total of 10 teams in D3.

[Day 1]
Red Sevens and Team Damnation got 5th and 4th place respectively, in the Qualifying Rounds.
TD won 7 games in all for day 1.

4 teams entered the same Quarter Finals group: Crazy Hunter; East Siders; Red Sevens and Team Damnation.

[Day 2]

Quater Finals:
CH didn't show up.
R7 lost  to TD and ES.
TD and ES advanced to Semi Finals.

Semi Finals:
Team Damnation vs Oscar Legion X.
TD won 2 games.

Team Damnation vs East Siders
ES won 2.

1st place - East Siders
2nd place - Team Damnation
3rd place - Oscar Legion X

Good showing from the Singapore teams.
Congratulations to Team Damnation for their 2nd place.
Special cheers to Chak, our Wargh! Nuts Captain, who guested for TD for their 2009 Legs.

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