02 August 2009

A hoo haa that nobody cares about

A hoo haa that nobody cares about.

This week, there was a little storm in a teacup in the local Speedball scene.
Xterix, for being cheeky while giving a suggestion, got banned from a local forum. Initially, I was writing a neutral post in his defense. When I detected the deletion of posts and the concurrent banning, I made a snap decision to publish it out. This may come as direct confrontation with the owners but I don't care. People got to know.

Now nobody made a squeak. Understandable. The old teams have gone inactive. The new teams still want to play. Where else but the only speedball field in Singapore? Most people just woke up to my weak protest and the owner's broadcast that a forum member has been banned.

I mentioned that I missed out some posts that transpired between King and Xterix. I thought originally that Xterix said, go ahead, delete my account. Through the help of another party, we managed to retrieve this. Judge for yourself.





If you wish, doesn't mean "go-ahead".




My aim is not to reinstate Xterix. My aim is to show the truth. For some time, I have been unhappy with King's heavy hand in topics he do not agree with. Then Elle will step in with an O' One-Two. There are better ways to solve this disagreement rather than act out on emoticons like small kids. I guess that's too late.

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