02 August 2009

Eulogy for Xterix

Eulogy for Xterix.
by Zeonic.

I write this in regard to the passing of our Wargh! brother Xterix. Perhaps his name had also become that which must not be spoken. He is banned from this forum after a series of exchanges with the owners of this establishment. I did not comment then, and I will not comment now. What was done cannot be undone.

What I will say is how a good brother he was and still is (he is not really dead, though some may wish it so). It was under the banner of Wargh! that me and kongba was press ganged into the team Wargh! Nuts. Joran and Chak was enticing us with the entry fee sponsorship that Xterix had put up for the very first leg of SPNS. So we dived in head first and boy did we land head first too.

From then, even though Xterix did not participate directly in competition until this year, he crewed for us and offered us advice on planning and strategy in every game. Some may say little wonder Wargh! Nuts didn't get very far but we would like to think that its a miracle we got somewhere. After all, we have probably one of the oldest average player age and the highest gross tonnage in total team weight. Suffice to say, without Xterix, Wargh! Nuts would not have existed.

He could have gone the other way and be still around, but it was not his style. Not after they stick it in his face and let him smell what they considered wrong. No, its the way of the Wargh! to never compromise and choose death over disgrace.

So it is with a heavy heart that I bid farewell to Xterix, ex-forum contributor, team sponsor, Wargh! boss and good brother.


  1. Xterix can come join me in my corner any day.


  2. welcome to you too =]

  3. u still make it sound like hes dead.


  4. He is!

    and I didn't write this.