29 July 2009

SX 3 on 3 tournament, 26 July 2009, review

SX 3 on 3 tournament, 26 July 2009, review.

1. Starting time
I woke up at 5am to get ready but was disappointed that the game started near 10am.

2. Lack of chairs
There were more players than chairs; or the chairs were taken up by large group of supporters that teams bring to the event. Oour chairs were "stolen" when our backs were turned; leaving us standing most of the time.

3. Security
Our tent was "invaded" by members of the public. Some took to sitting at our table.

4. Toilets
There were no public toilets. The boss/worker of the nearby "coffeeshop" got irritated by people entering *his* toilet and decided to close off access to it.

5. Marshals were fair

6. Event was well publicised

7. Vehicle traffic was well managed

8. Technical crew were competent

Hopefully next time things would improve, else I'm might hesitate to join again

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