29 July 2009

Reasons not to play SPNS

Reasons not to play SPNS.
In response to topic in forums - YOU THERE! WHY ARE YOU NOT PLAYING SPNS III?

1. Cheaper paint means more training.
The price of paint in Malaysia is 1/4 of what it is in Singapore.  With cheaper costs means you shoot more and train more.  It doesn't mean more savings because the players will buy more.
You can have a guy with an E-marker training his teammates to "hug" their bunkers.
You can do snap shooting drills all day at cardboard boxes.
You can have games after games.

2. Perceived scariness of older teams
Others have multiple divisions.  We only have, if you call it, 1 single division.
Newbies entering a tournament is like a newcomer to DotA, or whatever the current hot LAN game now is.  He will be apprehensive of being trashed and called a noob.
Btw, I hate that term.

Don't be too quick to judge players as selfish.  Everyone has different priorities.  We all had a chance to be young and free of worries, in comparison to adult life.
Some players have limited time to play each month so they need to maximise their "license to play" from their loved ones.
Some players have limited funds and can only play so much.
Some players overstretched themselves by playing paintball everywhere.

btw, Wargh! Nuts had participated in all 5 legs of SPNS since 2008, despite having the constraints listed above.

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