15 July 2009

Operation SoutherN Sun: write-up

Operation SoutherN Sun: write-up.
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game 1:
nuts on bottom. 1 guy came down the path, shot at us behind cover but was out of bonds. we had to scatter cos his range was longer due to height advantage. Xterix called him out but he refused to die; went back.

kongba (Raymond), on the slope, contacted the enemy. I kay poh walked up the main path to eyeball the enemy. enemy stood up and shot at me. I ran and got 2 bruises on my skull. dead.

Zeonic (tea), on bottom of slope, shot upwards. enemies came down the main path and saw Zeonic. Sneaked up to the crates. Meanwhile, KongBa got took out.

Zeonic got fired upon from 2 sides. Shot on neck on sides. Out. These enemies then proceeded up the slope where they helped kill 3 of their own guys. *lol*

game 2:
Nuts guarding 2nd bend. Zeonic was "exposed", tasked to fire down the road. Kongba behind crate. Chak hiding behind Kongba in the grasses. Me hiding behind Chak, tasked to guard the back road. Down the main road, we got a lady in the big bunker. On the back road, laogao and Andrew were overlooking the main road and our bunkers. Brandon(?) was our mobile patrol.

game started; boredom set in. Enemy contacted our side. Can't see them. Started patrolling the back road.

Fire died down and I thought our guys got took out (in fact, the enemy got took out). Brandon(?) took laogao out of my sight. I took laogao's position - juz in case.

Sighted someone on the path. We looked at each other and hesitated. Shot at me; disappeared into foliage. Retreated to Andrew's position.

Fire-fight to my left. Brandon came down - dead. I hid into the foliage. Big bunker started firing.

Rustling to my left. See no one. Laogao joined Andrew. Saw attacker coming up on Zeonic's position. Fired at him and he scattered. Soon, Nuts start to engage enemies hiding behind trees. I stayed quiet in foliage.

Firing sounds to my right; Laogao got shot out. Andrew sprawled flat to hide. Got hand signal on attacker to my right. Attacker fired at Andrew; exposing himself. Andrew and I fired back. Both Andrew and attacker is out.

Sporadic exchanges then the call came for game over.

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