10 May 2009

Training Session with the Seek Family

Training Session with the Seek Family.

Wargh!Nuts, newly renamed as Wargh!Cook had a friendly training session with the Seek & Strike and Seek & Destroy today.  Red West happened to catch wind of this gathering and dropped by to challenge us.

The Seek Family is new to paintball and it appears that they have been training hard.  They're a funny bunch in the forums and a friendly bunch in person.  There's handshakes after games and there were no tantrums displayed after the games.

Wargh!Cook is also having a new configuration and was taking this last opportunity before SPNS to break in the team.  I also take this chance to welcome Ice, Xterix and Cryus into our team.

And so, let the games begin.


  1. wat tantrums? oh...u meant the scolding and shouting frm behind the dead men box?

    btw...i tot no tokin between dead men when the match is stil on?

  2. No, there shouldn't be. No one scold him ma.

  3. Haha from the seeker's dead box? Must be their captain. He is too passionate! Perhaps can just remind him about it.

    1 for 1! No dead men talking erm, screaming or scolding!



  4. No, not the seekers. They are guai-er than that.