17 May 2009

5th place. Best winning streak ever.

From 200905_spns_leg2
5th place.  Best winning streak ever.
We started the morning on a winning roll.  After lunch, the snake got shifted out and we lost our tempo; the temple became useless for suppressing the snake.  It took us 2 games to realise this but we were already in a critical match with Contract Killers.  We switched to Plan B, which worked but is too late.
Congrats to Contract Killers for going into the Semi Finals.
Thanks to Wargh!Cooks for being good teammates and putting up a good fight.

p.s. I do not know the results yet.

btw, here are our photos for the day.
please message me if you would like to have your photo removed.
you are free to use the photos for non commercial use.

p.s.s. I'm tired and hungry and have a flight to catch, so this post is short.  I hope to see a lot of nice pictures when I return.


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