22 March 2009

Indoor Paintball Competition: We won 3rd place!... No we didn't. This is just a shameless shout out to grab attention :p

Indoor Paintball Competition: We won 3rd place!... No we didn't. This is just a shameless shout out to grab attention :p

Indoor Paintball Competition: 1st Ever CQC Paintball Tourny in JB http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=57821587186

First things first - everyone was late! I had to wake up at 5 am and my teammates were late one by one lor. Haiz...

Maybe I might do a write up later but see my mood la! Our final results was 3rd out of 5 in our qualifying group.

A bit disappointed at the results; lady luck tossed us a bad throw in the last round. Things could have swung either ways easily. The other team, called Nuts played against us Wargh! Nuts. Both teams are used to playing one and only ONE side of the field. Whoever wins the coin toss gets an advantage as well as throwing the opponent into disarray. Nothing to complain; we need to avoid getting into these do or die situations in future. *sigh*

Another thing I'm happy about is that we've improved. Nobody caught us cheating! Yippie. To prevent people from catching us; all of us wore blue today! Haha. How's that for unity?

As a true blue Singaporean, I got to complain.
Firstly, there is a lack of security consciousness among the organisers. Civilians were allowed into our players' area. This puts the security of our belongings at risk.
Secondly, there were not enough marshals. In several dubious situations (no, we weren't involved this time), the marshals weren't quick enough to catch who-shot-who; they simply called both players out. Us spectators caught the truth but we can't say anything. It sucks; but it's fair. Fair deals you fairly or unfairly at her whims; but she's fair, sort of.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with the event. At RM 90, this is the cheapest competition I've ever joined. The gas pressure supplied was solid; we couldn't really lob balls. Markers were also well maintained. Hopefully, if I next return, things could be improved that slightly and I'll be more than pretty happy. =]


  1. Enchanter22/3/09 22:28

    and as expected u failed to mention that u left ur PASSPORT IN THE BOOT when at the checkpoint

  2. Gee, thanks. I guess I was too tired to remember juz now =]

  3. yeah .. left passport in ur bag in ur booth as we are in the customs.. with a sign that says no alighting..

  4. oh yeah.....wat abt the 'i hav some malaysia dollar to pay for the breakfast'.....
    when we gona pay...u said 'i left it in the booth'..... AGAIN~~

  5. Ya ya, where's your RM?