04 February 2009

An open reply to some comments on a previous post

An open reply to some comments on a previous post

Hi commenter #3,

I didn't take a good look so I don't know exactly who he is. I'm assuming he's a newbie - that makes it excusable but I still have the right to get angry.

To general public,
When I don't like someone, I make it clear that I don't like him. To those who dabble in paintball politics, you should know this very well. I find Anonymous attacks distasteful; haters who suspected me of such doings, you are sorely wrong.

A little less known fact is that I'll only hate 1 person at a time. It's quite tiring otherwise. To clear any doubts - it is still that guy. You don't touch me; I don't touch you.

For this incident, I am exercising my right to grumble. Commenters #1 and #2, if I guess their identities correctly, have their own blogs. It is an open secret that everyone is monitoring everyone. Let's not play dirty and pretend to be nice and friendly while posting nasty and snide comments.

If I greet you, acknowledge you or talk to you. It means I am not openly against you. I may disagree with things that some members of the community says; I might make a counter post accordingly. However, if it is to be an open war - I will make it CLEAR. Do not use an unrelated post as a battleground.

You call yourself a player? Then fight clean.

Someone contacted me indirectly to defend Ryan. As a courtesy to this person, I have added his/her point of view. If you are affiliated with this person, please check with each other before doing something like this again.
Such actions rhymes with the word "ungrateful".

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