23 February 2009

"Dark Sun 2: Wake of the Ravager" is unplayable

"Dark Sun 2: Wake of the Ravager" is unplayable

As warned, I encountered THE BUG. (from the site: The Underdogs - looks like it's down at the moment)

  • During a major battle, my summoned Fire Elemental timed-out, returning to whatever Astral plane he came from.
  • All the enemies stopped attacking. I "defeated" the rest easily.
  • At the next fight, my guys couldn't exit combat mode after defeating all foes.
  • My own members began attacking when I walked the active character past them.
  • I had to knock the offending character(s) unconscious to quit combat.
  • My mage-thief was locked in AI mode and I couldn't undo it. I had to kill a party member to "free" her; then raise the poor guy from the dead.
  • Every encounter after, enemies would only threaten me but not attack.
  • After every battle, my guys cannot quit from the combat mode; I had to locate the "mad-one" among my party and knock him out.

Pity.. I did like "Dark Sun: The Shattered Lands" a lot =x
The official site should have done better than to put a game that is not working online.

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