04 February 2009

Clarification on the 2 unhappy incidents

Clarification on the 2 unhappy incidents

Regarding 1 or 2 players from Red West,

1. The head ref explained that at that point in time, there were 2 people shooting at me instead of 1. I'll take his word for it.

2. For the speech, that was what I heard and intepreted. Under hypnosis or a truth serum, I will tell you the same thing, cos that was what I remember. What we remember may not be the real events but to us, it is the truth.
For the sake of simplicity, I'll take that member of the paintball's community's word for it - that Ryan is just not politically savy.
Ryan, if you are reading this, sorry for the accusation that you are boastful.

3. To the flamer(s), whether you are 1 person or 2 person, I've little hopes of you owning up.
Whether you are who I think you are, you are by now, a senior in the community. Stop being childish and resorting to taunts, vulgarities and snide comments.

4. Clarification.
I was angry; I was disgusted.
I state the situation; I state my reaction.
I didn't F them, I didn't curse them.
I didn't mince words, hiding behind obscure references.
I used my nick and I made clear that it's my own words.


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